Why Chiru & Ramya Fared Better Than Nagarjuna?

Why Chiru & Ramya Fared Better Than Nagarjuna?

The moment #BiggBoss3 Finale got over, the very big discussion that happened everywhere is about how Megastar Chiranjeevi has mesmerised everyone with his silver-tongued words about each contestant and the way he teased lady participants by reacting to their lines.

Akin to the way Ramya Krishna's two-episode hosting received, even Chiranjeevi scored a tremendous response. However, the big question anyone should think about is, it is not how Chiru & Ramya excelled, but Nagarjuna failed to do so. The answer is simple, these two have to be on the show just for an episode or two, and they will get all the dialogues well crafted. But that is not the case with Nagarjuna.

As Nagarjuna has to host nearly 30+ episode, seriously it would be tough to come up with these best of elements every time. Also with people already taking sides with each contestant, surely Nagarjuna will not be able to impress all of the audiences. When NTR hosted Bigg Boss, none knows about it. Later with Nani at the helm, people started taking sides and a few hated him for not supporting Kaushal. Coming to Nag, even people had a strategy to play the game so naturally, Nagarjuna's antics will not be as impressive as any to them.

Amidst that, occasional presence of Chiru or Ramya will be definitely getting special attention. But that doesn't mean they have truly outshined Nagarjuna or could be the perfect hosts for the next season, say observers.

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