Then Hari Teja, Now Sreemukhi

Then Hari Teja, Now Sreemukhi

As the much awaited Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 title too went to male contestant Rahul, it has poured cold water on the hopes of fans of women contestants. Right from season 1 to season 3, women contestants have shown considerable talent. Staying away from families and their husbands and kids is not a small thing. Compared to men who could relatively easy for them to stay away from house, women contestants have shown their courage and talent. Yet none of them have bagged the title so far.

It was Hari Teja who had won hearts with the first season of Bigg Boss Telugu where she excelled with her talent and skills like Burrakatha. She entertained audience with her prowess. Many had thought Hari Teja would clinch the title, but she had lost to Siva Balaji. And in the second season, talented Geetha Madhuri has made her mark. Yet she was unlucky as well. Kaushal's popularity had outshined every other contestant in season 2 making him victorious.

But in season 3, there was a clear chance for Sreemukhi. Sreemukhi army/fans have gone all out in campaign. Sreemukhi ads also surfaced in theatres asking to vote in her favour. However, nothing has helped her as she ended up as a runner-up. Sreemukhi losing the title has dampened the hopes of her fans as well as Bigg Boss lovers who are hoping to see a woman contestant lift the trophy. Let's hope that Bigg Boss season 4 would go into hands of  a lady contestant.

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