#BiggBoss3: Two Women Behind Rahul's Success

#BiggBoss3: Two Women Behind Rahul's Success

There is a famous adage in Telugu, "Prathi Magadi Vijayam Venuka Oka Sthree Vuntund" which translates into "Behind every successful man there is a woman". And this is no false in the case of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj.

Punarnavi Bhupalam has helped Rahul gain a lot of popularity. Especially among youth, Rahul scored points by flirting with Punarnavi and Punarnavi's reciprocation to an extent has turned heads of audience towards Rahul. Punarnavi did help in a way to get attention to Rahul.

And no prizes for guessing the second woman behind Rahul's Bigg Boss 3 success. It is none other than Sreemukhi. By repeatedly targeting Rahul, Sreemukhi has made Rahul a serious contestant. By stating that she would continue to ruminate Rahul for elimination till he leaves the house, Sreemukhi in a way has given unwanted significance to Rahul.

Rahul, who underwent 11 nominations out of 14 total nominations, highest among Bigg Boss 3 contestants, has garnered a sympathy among common audience. And by bouncing back every time he was nominated, Rahul came out stronger. All these have helped Rahul to reach finals and thus clinch the title.

With this, the two women behind Rahul's Bigg Boss victory are Punarnavi and Sreemukhi. Rahul is indebted to these two women for his win.

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