Top Producer Behind Young Hero's Production

Top Producer Behind Young Hero's Production

Young hero's maiden production venture has become talking point. Although the young hero has no knowledge in film production and film business, the over-enthusiastic star has tried his hand at the production. And naturally, he has faced several odds while doing business of the film.

And he finally took the help of a top producer with whom he had worked in the past. The top producer and his production house has good equation with some distributors and media houses. He intervened and ensured that the film's satellite business is sold even before film's release.

Only upon the production house's request, the media house has bought the film's satellite and digital rights at a very nominal price. Since the movie is made with less budget, the hero is happy to make money even before theatrical release.

With the backing of the production house, the young hero is safe with his debut production. That's the story folks!

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