Pawan Stop Your 'Long March' and Jumps

Pawan Stop Your 'Long March' and Jumps

AP minister Kanna Babu has criticised Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan who called for a 'Long March' protest over sand crisis in Vizag.

Accepting that there is a shortage of sand in the state, Kanna Babu said, due to flood situation in Krishna river for last 70 days, sand availability has become little difficult but our government is taking all sort of measures to tackle it.

"I wonder why Pawan Kalyan is doing 'Long March' as no party is supporting it. He should stop 'Long March' and jumps as there is no backing for it. With Pawan inviting BJP, CPI and CPM parties are staying away while it is TDP which is supporting Jana Sena's Long March. In fact TDP leaders are gathering people for Pawan's event. This proves the bonhomie between Pawan and Naidu," added Kanna Babu.

The same Pawan Kalyan stayed silent when TDP leaders manhandled MRO and a journalist for voicing against illegal sand mining and all of sudden, the Jana Sena chief is agitated by sand shortage.

The AP minister advised the oppositions to look at other welfare schemes being implemented by the state government instead of unnecessary issues.

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