Nannu Involve Cheyyakandi Raju garu, says Rajamouli

Nannu Involve Cheyyakandi Raju garu, says Rajamouli

Twitter is the place where director Ram Gopal Varma will spend most of his time and entertains netizens with his sarcastic and intelligent tweets. And sometimes he targets the biggest of big celebs with his words, though many ignore to respond on them. Today, he has invoked the name of Rajamouli, regarding which the Baahubali maker responded though.

Releasing a song from 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu', which revolves around evangelist and political aspirant KA Paul, RGV tweeted this way: "If JOKER is such a big hit in India a biopic on K A PAUL will be bigger than BAHUBALI 3 ..I heard  Rajamouli is already in talks with K A PAUL in Washington D C..This K A PAUL only phoned me and told me".

Of course, everyone knows the wit and pun in this one, but then, Rajamouli's response over this is epic. "Nannu involve cheyyakandi "RAJU" garu" is what Rajamouli replied to this.

Why would RGV anyway stay silent on Rajamouli's reply? "Sir Sir Sir I am not doing ..K A Paul told me that u had lunch with him at TRUMP TOWER and u signed him for BAHUBALI 3 ..I swear this on K A PAUL" he tweeted back.

We have to see how KA Paul will respond on this anyway!!

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