Thaman And DSP, And The Expenses Galore

Thaman And DSP, And The Expenses Galore

Two star composers SS Thaman and Devi Sri Prasad are hanging around some big heroes while other big stars are opting for Bollywood composers and freshers. Here is an interesting argument being put up by some producers regarding these two.

Actually both DSP and Thaman reside in Chennai and they work from the former fisherman settlement only. Whenever they come to Hyderabad to sit with the director and finalise the tunes, the costs involving the five-star suite rooms, logistics to bring various musicians to Hyderabad and managing the other teams of these composers is said to be a costly affair.

Though the music directors charge around 1.5 to 2.5 crores, the shuttling between Chennai and Hyderabad is said to be costing an additional crore easily, a budget that would bring hefty promotions easily for the movie. Unable to give in into the expenses galore of Devi and Thaman, producers these days are going for Bombay music directors who are not putting up any such additional burden on producers, a source revealed.

On the other hand, while Thaman got a couple of hit songs in a row, the real position is that both these star composers are no more delivering stunners for music lovers. They need to somehow powerup their strings and strum the right chords apart from doing the cost-control of their working style.

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