Dil Raju Trying Hard For Hat-Trick With Prabhas

Dil Raju Trying Hard For Hat-Trick With Prabhas

One of the leading producers of Telugu cinema, Dil Raju never gives away a chance to come up with a big film with a big hero. Though his dreams of making movies with Megastar Chiru and Pawan Kalyan remained unfulfilled, he worked with almost all the next big stars of Tollywood.

After making movies like Munna and Mr Perfect with Prabhas, we hear that the producer wants to score a hat-trick with their combination. We hear that Raju is actually pursuing Prabhas for their project and he wants to produce the story being narrated by Surender Reddy. Earlier we have revealed that Suri wants to direct a James Bond like a movie with Prabhas, and he has the story ready as well.

Now that Dil Raju wants to be the bankroller of this film, he is said to be meeting Prabhas whenever possible and requesting him to do this movie. Though Prabhas hasn't committed to any film after he wraps Radha Krishna's film, tentatively titled Jaan, he wants to choose his story in such a way that the film will become blockbuster without exceeding spendings.

We have to see Prabhas agrees to work with Dil Raju for his next, or he has any other plans.

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