Ram Charan To Reunite 'Mirchi' Combo

Ram Charan To Reunite 'Mirchi' Combo

Though Koratala Siva wrote for many films, he has shot to fame only after making 'Mirchi' with Prabhas. Since then, both the hero and the director are not looking back in Tollywood while Prabhas' craze also leapt to other states as well. Since then, everyone is waiting for this combo to happen again.

Reports are coming that Prabhas and Koratala Siva will be coming together for Ram Charan's production venture very soon. After Koratala wraps #Chiru152 and then directs Charan in the subsequent film, there are chances that he will be joining hands with Prabhas again. Word has that UV Creations and Ram Charan's Konidela Productions will jointly produce this movie.

In the wake of Ram Charan financially helping Prabhas' Saaho, there is no doubt anyone for the Mirchi and Magadheera to team up. But the only question is, when is that going to happen? Especially with Koratala delivering society centric projects, right now Prabhas would be one of the best heroes for such stories.

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