Wow! Pooja Hegde Goes To Saudi Arabia

Wow! Pooja Hegde Goes To Saudi Arabia

Recently, conservating Islamic country Saudi Arabia has open doors to foreign tourists and also remained ban on foreign women needing to wear a burkha everwhere. Also, unmarried boys and girls from other countries are now allowed to stay in hotels too. That way, the Kingdom is looking beyond religious tourism, we must say.

While they have invited YouTube vloggers from other countries, regarding India, the Saudi officials are said to have thought that bringing heroines to the country is the best thing to do. Already many heroines are said to have signed the deal and dusky siren Pooja Hegde is the first one to reach there and pose from Saudi's centuries old historic locations.

Other day she has posed from Mada'in Saleh in Saudi Arabia, which many failed to recognise. The area happens to be the capital of the Nabatean Arab kingdom way back in the 1st century. It's not like any other normal desert as the archaeological site rarely had foreign visitors earlier. Now that Pooja Hegde has gone there, we have to see if others also will do.

However, tourists are still fearing about the way Saudi Arabia might treat them as the kingdom is known for a strict conservative approach and Islamic sharia laws.

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