KA Films: Kajal Backs Off From Spending Money

KA Films: Kajal Backs Off From Spending Money

Film Industry has huge tales to narrate about Kajal Aggarwal and whose father manages her financial stuff. They are known for extracting every single penny meticulously and also charge for every single thing. Such a hottie, who has ruled the roost for years, is all set to turn producer, a move that surprised many.

Playing a heroine is all about taking money home and everything else from a water bottle to food, costumes to flight tickets come from producer's pockets. But producing a movie is all about pouring money for the above. Yet, Kajal decided to launch her "Kajal Agarwal Films" and tried to producer 'Awe 2' under the direction of Prashanth Varma.

Reports are now coming that Kajal got stunned to see how the costs are involved in making a movie and how much time she should actually invest for it. After doing lot consultations, she has finally dropped the idea of producing the movie and launching her banner, say sources.

Meanwhile, she is looking forward to some other producer to take up the project, else she will be looking for other big opportunities.

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