Rumour: Is Nithya Menen Already Married?

Rumour: Is Nithya Menen Already Married?

These days, talented heroines are getting married secretly and they don't reveal it to the world directly. While the likes of Radhika Apte and Shriya got married, they revealed about it years later. And we have Ileana, who has married and divorced too. Then comes talk about this sensational south heroine.

These days Nitya Menon is not accepting whichever film that comes her way but only those movies that have substance. Apart from that, the actress posted pictures of her with one Oliver Calhoun, calling him as a good friend at the 'Oneness University'. And now, a Tamil media house has stunned the world by calling Nitya as 'Srimathi Nitya Menon' in one of their articles they wrote about former CM Jayalalitha.

Even the director of Nithya Menon's Jayalalitha biopic, "The Iron Lady", is seen addressing the actress as Smt Nitya Menon at various instances, giving more fuel to the rumours that she has already tied the knot. Now what we have to see is, if Nithya will confirm the marriage after a couple of years like Radhika Apte, or will simply brush it off as a rumour like an Ileana?

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