Rana: Producer Cheated Me, Don't watch my film

Rana: Producer Cheated Me, Don't watch my film

Rana Daggubati might have emerged as an actor. But his roots are from film production. His grand father Ramanaidu and his father Suresh Babu are veteran producers who has made films across several languages. In fact, Rana has also his production plans.

And here is the twist. Rana, who is known as producer's actor, has a fall out with his film's producer Rajarajan, of K Productions. Rana who acted in 1945 has reservations about the release of the film. Rana took to Twitter to call the film "unfinished" and "incomplete". Rana further alleged that the producer has "defaulted" on monies and on completion. Stating that he hasn't met him for over a year, Rana went onto allege that the producer "cheated" him and he is trying to "cheat" more people by raising monies from the market. Rana asked people to not fall into his trap.

"This is an unfinished film with the Producer who had defaulted on monies and on completion. Haven't met them for over a year. This is his idea of raising money in the Markets by cheating more people :) pls don't entertain this. Thanks," wrote Rana on his Twitter page.

And here comes strong and befitting reply from producer Rajarajan. In a strong counter, producer Rajarajan replied, "The Director is the one who decides whether the film is complete or not.. Let the audience decide whether this film is complete or not. Almost 60 days of shoot and crores of money invested, nobody will release an unfinished movie. @Sathyasivadir A director decides the script."

Rana remained tight lipped after Rajarajan's tweet as he just gave a thumbs up and become silent. With this, industry folks are curious on what exactly happened between Rana and K Productions. Is it just related to remuneration or more? The ugly spar on Twitter has garnered some attention on 1945 film.

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