Chiru And Prabhas Failed When Rana Excelled

Chiru And Prabhas Failed When Rana Excelled

The much awaited for heroes Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, which they have done for BBC Asia Network is finally out. Folks who have seen the interview are getting mesmerised and the way Rana presented himself is what being talked out. On the eve of Baahubali screened at Royal Albert Hall in London, the two leading men took part in some media interactions.

When the interviewers asked, 'you spent more time making this film than those who go to university to get a degree', Rana says, "Acting in this film is more than a degree for us, as we have so much to learn and learned many", explaining that they never got tired working for almost four years on Baahubali project. When it comes to speaking in English, Rana Daggubati is super fluent which is evident in the BBC Asia Network Interview.

Though fans might get hurt, Prabhas is not as fluent in English as Rana and sometimes haven't even understood the question posed to him. In recent times even Megastar Chiranjeevi also fumbled while taking part in Anupama Chopra's interview and also that Amitabh Bachhan interview with Farhan Akhtar. As English is the only language that could connect Telugu heroes to wider audiences and bigger set of media houses, maybe our heroes should focus on mastering their language.

Take this: After studying +2 at a government college, Kangana Ranaut came into films, and she doesn't know English then. But now, she throws vocabulary that literary experts also find amusing. That's how you learn and go forward to bigger places.

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