Bithiri Satthi Should Learn From This Biggest Mistake

Bithiri Satthi Should Learn From This Biggest Mistake

Comedians donning the hat of a hero and scoring a flop became a notion by now. There is no rule hard and fast that they should not turn heroes, but first, they should know what it takes to play the lead, to carry a role for the whole length of the film, and to carry a story on their shoulders such that film would work at the box office.

After the likes of Ali, Brahmi, Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri, Shakalaka Shankar and Srinivas Reddy, who have failed to entertained audiences as heroes of a movie, here comes an upcoming comedian, Bithri Satti. Though he hasn't become a name and brand like the above said comedians, Satti rushed to become a hero with 'Tupaki Ramudu'.

Needless to say, the film neither got grand openings nor it took Satti's abilities as a comedian or hero to another level. Filmmaking is not just about writing a story on paper, but it takes proper casting to make the story reach people, and proper technicians to make it a story worth telling. Later you need marketing, sales, positioning, solo release and etc to make it a profitable venture. Without understanding anything of it, if a comedian turns a hero, then nothing happens.

Witnessing the result of 'Tupaki Ramudu', Bithri Satti should realise that he has still a long way to go to become a hero and first establish himself as a bankable comedian. Biggest mistakes are your biggest teachers.

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