Namrata On Kids: They Are Born Actors

Namrata On Kids: They Are Born Actors

Recently we have seen Mahesh Babu sizzling in a real estate company TVC along with wife Namrata Shirodkar, and kids Gautham, Sitara. While Mahesh and Namrata are professional actors and the latter being a model who own Miss India crown too. However, Namrata is said to have got tensed about the TV debut of her children.

'I was nervous about how the kids would take to the camera and how they would look on screen. Without sounding biased, I must say they are natural born actors', she says, revealing her true feeling before doing this ad. And then, the natural born actors are due to the kind of family legacy they're carrying we must say.

While it is known about Mahesh that his father was a superstar and acting came naturally to him, even Namrata's grandmom is an actress too. That's how the acting genes got carried into the next generations, and maybe the Mahesh-Namrata shouldn't think twice before pushing their children as actors.

On the other hand, while Gautham already made his debut as a child artist in 1-Nenokkadine movie, we have to see if Sithara would do the same anytime soon.

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