#BiggBoss3: Jabardasth Gangs Vs TV Celebs

#BiggBoss3: Jabardasth Gangs Vs TV Celebs

Currently, Bigg Boss 3 is in the final stage and there is scope for one more elimination from the house. Other than Rahul, all the contestants including Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Siva Jyothy, Ali Reza and Baba Bhaskar face elimination yet again. Guess what, people outside the house are now heavily promoting on social media to save their favourites.

Especially the super support Sreemukhi received from her colleagues appears to be terrific. Anchor Rashmi is already releasing some videos on social media pages where she requested everyone to vote for Sreemukhi. Other Jabardasth fame actors like Avinash, Ram Prasad and another anchor Vishnu Priya are also seen sharing videos where they seek votes for her.

The other contestant who is getting similar response from work colleagues is nothing but Ali Reza. His TV serial colleagues are making sure that they will release a video every day, seeking votes for Ali. Also Ali's wife Masuma is rocking Instagram with her daily interactions with Ali's fans. In a way, it looks like Sreemukhi's Jabardasth and Pataas gangs are competing with Ali's TV serial friends gang to showcase authority.

But actually, the fight is between Siva Jyothy and Ali only, as they are the weak ones among the present set of contestants.

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