Deverakonda's Costumes Dominating The Concept

Deverakonda's Costumes Dominating The Concept

Other day the promotional song for the film 'Meeku Maatrame Chepta' is out and unlike Vijay Devarakonda's earlier musical blockbuster this song is not a catchy one. Forget about the song, but actually this promotional song is being talked about for other reasons.

"Nuvve Hero" is the song where Tarun Bhaskar (hero of that film) also appeared but Vijay Devarakonda tried to impress with his dances and a message. "You're your hero" is what the message of the song is, but actually that appears subsided inside the visuals. Many felt that costumes of Vijay Devarakonda are dominating the song rather the concept of it.

The main intention of this song is to achieve buzz for the film which is hitting cinemas on November 1st. More than that buzz, this is actually winning criticism for not being able to push the message through promotional song. 'Meeku Maatrame Chepta' is the maiden production venture of Vijay and it needs to be seen how people are going to receive it.

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