Pic Talk: Rakul Preet's Hottest Yoga Stretches

Despite being star heroine material, somehow Rakul Preet got distanced from Telugu films saying that she has offers in hand in Hindi and Tamil arena. But all of them haven't worked out for her and then big offers to fell out of her hand.

Right now, the hottie is busy stretching herself on the yoga mat, as she showcases how she works out every day to get those ravishing curves that make anyone get their hearts melted. "Stretch kinda mornings are the best kinda mornings! Try this stretch and tell me how many of you could do it .. AINT EASY" says Rakul, challenging the onlookers who are embracing the oomph factor she just poured in.

From pumping heavy iron in the gym to stretching her body through yoga, Rakul makes sure that she has the fit and fab look among her contemporaries with only Samantha ahead of her. These two have no rivals nearby as their hard work is unmatched by any.

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