Prabhas Gives Due Credit To Ram Gopal Varma's Film

Prabhas Gives Due Credit To Ram Gopal Varma's Film

Despite the fact that hero Prabhas hasn't given any special birthday treat to his fans, he is making sure that the Baahubali screening that took place in London will get the needed attention. Talking about it, the actor is all fair and straight as he spoke to some English media houses.

Sharing his feelings over Baahubali 1 getting screened at Royal Albert Hall in London, Prabhas stated that it is a great thing to happen for a Telugu movie that is made be a stalwart like Rajamouli. And when media reminded him that Baahubali is the first film to take the pride of Telugu movies to the next level, Prabhas disagreed with them.

"Actually Ram Gopal Varma's Shiva took the pride of Telugu cinema to the next level when it created history and changed the course of filmmaking forever. And now, after 30 years, we're happy that Baahubali once again did it", said Prabhas, as per the report published.

Well, giving credit to Shiva is a great thing provided with the fact that Prabhas don't need to endorse any.

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