Buzz: Prakash Raj's Tantrums On Balayya's Set

Buzz: Prakash Raj's Tantrums On Balayya's Set

Controversies are not new to Prakash Raj as there were times where many top shot producers and directors banned him from Telugu films until some good friends helped him revive his career. But then, the actor is known for his temperament and recently showcased the same on Balayya's Ruler set, say reports.

According to the grapevine, when Prakash Raj and Bhumika are shooting for a scene, the actress asked director KS Ravi Kumar some doubt, regarding which Prakash Raj breathed fire. He's said to have shouted on the director and others that he should be called to the spot only after everything gets sorted, but not before.

As director KS Ravikumar don't want to lose his temper in front of Balakrishna, who is sitting nearby, cameraman Ram Prasad is said to have warned Prakash Raj, saying that it is not his house to shout that way. Later, Prakash Raj left the shooting spot but only to come back after 10 minutes to finish the work.

Had he left the shooting spot forever, surely it would have done more damage to his already dwindling career.

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