Sreenu Vaitla working on Genelia Reentry?

Sreenu Vaitla working on Genelia Reentry?

Going by her gym looks, sexy poses at events and other spicy appearances, one could easily come to the conclusion that after a 5-year hiatus, Genelia D'Souza is trying to come back into films. And then, here comes news from Tollywood stables about the discussions that are going on.

Apparently director Sreenu Vaitla, who himself needs a strong film to bounce back, is said to be contemplating to rope in Genelia for his next film that might feature only newcomers. Earlier Vaitla has done films Dhee and Ready with Genelia, but later he hasn't brought her in. And if the duo joins hands, surely it will be their hat-trick film, and the result also should be a hat-trick only.

On the other hand, back then Genelia is famous for her over-the-board acting and glamour treats. Now that she's married and a mother, surely glamour dose on the screen will be out of cards. And audiences might not accept her exaggerated bubbly action too. So, what kind of role she picks now is really interesting.

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