Prabhas Disappointed His Fans On Three Counts

Prabhas Disappointed His Fans On Three Counts

Other day it happens to Prabhas' 40th birthday and the hunk hero's fans across the country are endlessly waiting for a special treat on this day. As there are earlier rumours that the Saaho star has planned various things, they felt excited, but in the end, it's only disappointment that welcomed them.  

We must say that Prabhas has actually disappointed them on three counts as fans are expecting that any of these three things will happen. First one is that there is no news about his impending marriage as many strongly believed that Prabahs is going to announce something about it. Let's say it is his personal thing.

Moving forward, the second one is that there is no title revelation poster about his next film, which is tentatively titled to be 'Jaan', regarding which some say that 'Amour' is another title under consideration. Amour is an old English word that stands for 'love affair'. Anyway, no such poster came.

And the third one is that many thought that PRabhas will at least post something on his Insta page, regarding his fans, but the actor shared the video of Katrina Kaif's new cosmetic line and wished her the best.

That way, Prabhas' fans got disappointed on three counts, as the actor doesn't give any special treat on his birthday eve.

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