Here's Why SP Balu's Fans Are Having A Feast

Here's Why SP Balu's Fans Are Having A Feast

If we touch any vintage Telugu movie fan, the first name that comes to their mind and heart is that of SP Balasubramanyam. He's such a legend that most of the super hit songs composed by other legends like Ilayaraja, Chakravarthy and others are sung by him.

But in the era of AR Rahman, followed by Mani Sharma, Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman, surely Balu did not sing a lot of songs. Of course, he has sung many songs in recent times but they are either serious ones, situational pathos songs or inspiration songs, but never the new generation feasted on his voice. However, both the new generation and his old fans are having a feast now.

"Nuvvu Naatho Emannavo Nenem Vinnano" is the romantic melody that is resonating with hearts and echoing in ears recently. This song is from Raviteja's Disco Raja and composed by Thaman, and is about to clock 2 million views on YouTube for the lyrical video.

For this retro themed song, surely Balu's voice is adding the magic and bringing a liveliness sort of. Old fans of Balu proudly say, "in an era where singers who can't pronounce Telugu words properly are rendering many Telugu songs, surely Balu's pure diction wins over all".

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