Aditya Varma Trailer: Everything Same, Except Attitude

Aditya Varma Trailer:  Everything Same, Except Attitude

After the impactful teaser, the theatrical trailer of Arjun Reddy's Tamil remake 'Adithya Varma' was out today amidst high expectations. And the trailer doesn't disappoint at all, with its faithful tribute to the cult Telugu romantic drama.

However, Adithya Varma's trailer cut is almost the same as Arjun Reddy's trailer. The Tamil trailer straightaway introduces Aditya Varma's alcohol and drug addiction, his anger management issues and then explores his beautiful and intense relationship with his Meera (Banita Sandhu).

Coming to Dhruv Vikram, he is charming and handsome and seems to have done a good job reprising Vijay Deverakonda's impeccable performance, except that he couldn't match the 'attitude' of Arjun Reddy. Banita in Shalini Pandey's role seems to be an apt choice. Overall, the trailer creates a good impact, mainly for those who have not watched Arjun Reddy already.

However, even though Adithya Varma's trailer almost reminisces Arjun Reddy quite a lot, another major difference is the songs. Radhan, who composed the Telugu album, is also behind the Tamil album. The background score again reminds us of Arjun Reddy. We will have to wait until November 8th to see what Arjun Reddy's co-director Gireesaaya has in store with Adithya Varma.

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