Babu Mohan's Comment On Balayya Goes Viral

Babu Mohan's Comment On Balayya Goes Viral

Few people have a different perception of things and that comes to them by their own experiences. As they share such an opinion, some times it will be controversial and unbelievable, as is the case with former comedian Babu Mohan who was a terrific and highest-paid comedian alongside Brahmanandam and Kota Srinivasa Rao then.

Interacting with a group of people, recently Babu Mohan has made some stunning comments on Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi, with respect to their horse-riding skills. A video doing rounds on the internet has Babu Mohan saying, "If Balayya has to ride a horse, he wouldn't even hold it tight with a rope. He would just sit on it, and tap it by the fur, to ride it. No stars like Chiranjeevi would match the riding skills of Balayya".

In typical Telangana-Telugu style, he commented, "Balayya veru asalu.. Chiranjeevi giranjeevi evaru sariporu aayana mundu'.

Probably from his experiences of riding a horse alongside Balayya in the film "Bhairawa Dweepam" (shot in 1993 and released in 1994), Babu Mohan is heaping this praises on the Nandamuri hero.

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