Film Industry Effect: Cousins Mistook As Lovers

Film Industry Effect: Cousins Mistook As Lovers

There are certain times in the Film Industry where two people moving closer are considered be having an affair. Sometimes, few married people who are caught having a brunch or surfacing at a pub with some friend, are dubbed as secret lovers. And that thing stunned two cousins now.

This particular writer is popular in film circles for his eccentric behaviour and he keeps giving tips to various directors about stories. Married and having two kids, the writer these days is seen hanging out with a girl, young and beautiful, at various places in Jubilee Hills. Since then, rumours started doing rounds that the two are having an affair.

Reality is that actually she's a cousin of the writer and the two shares sibling-like bonding. She is actually trying to set foot in the Film industry and he is trying to help her out by making some meetings happen for her. While this is happening, the squint-eyed film industry folks felt that it is an affair. 

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