Dil Raju At Modi's Event: Is He Bollywood Producer Now?

Dil Raju At Modi's Event: Is He Bollywood Producer Now?

Other day Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted a horde of Bollywood celebrities in the name of discussing how to take the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi to the world through films. While the PM dubbed it as meeting the Indian Film Industry, actually it is only Bollywood that got representation.

But with photos surfacing where ace Telugu producer Dil Raju is also seen, many thought that maybe Telugu folks are invited but they haven't attended. A rumour started doing rounds meanwhile, saying that that pic with Dil Raju is a fake one and someone just photoshopped him. But Dil Raju is present in many pictures shared by PM Narendra Modi himself on Twitter, so his presence is not a photoshopped one.

When none of the Telugu industry wizards and legends is there, why is only Dil Raju attending the event became the question now? Some say that he has become Bollywood producer now as he got Jersey and F2 remakes happening in Hindi industry, and hence he got the invite.

While PM Modi snubbing legends like Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth, Mohan Lal, Mammooty and stars like Pawan, Mahesh, Vijay, Dhanush is itself a shocker, the presence of Dil Raju became more surprising and shocking for Telugu folks. We wonder what Raju has to say about this.

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