#BiggBoss3 Girl Confused Between Hyd & USA

#BiggBoss3 Girl Confused Between Hyd & USA

This year's Bigg Boss haven't seen much hype and hoopla like the previous edition, but still, it has some people who got a celebrity status. The likes of Himaja, Ashu Reddy and Mahesh, who are less popular post the Bigg Boss feat, are now sought after names. But what's their plan of action?

Especially when it comes to Ashu Reddy, who is popular for her Dubsmash acts earlier, is said to be quite confused about her next moves. Actually, the beautiful lady is in Hyderabad ever since she exited Bigg Boss 3 house and getting offers like inaugurating shops and attending fashion events. Also, some film offers are said to be coming her way.

Whether she should stay in Hyderabad and try for big movie offers, or she should go back to the USA and join the job is said to be confusing her right now. After completing Masters in the USA, she got a job already but never expected that Instagram stint will make her into Bigg Boss house and she gets popularity.

So, staying back in India or going to the USA, is something that is concerning, and we have to see what will Ashu Reddy pick up.

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