Me & My Daughter Share Great Bond - Karthi

Me & My Daughter Share Great Bond - Karthi

Karthi, who is all set for Khaidi (Kaithi in Tamil) release, revealed that the film has been shot entirely in night schedules. As the film is set in dark, the actor had to shot only for nights. He said the film was shot in 60 nights. Karthi also recalled that director Lokesh Kanagaraj's previous film Maanagaram (Nagaram in Telugu) with Sundeep Kishan was also shot in nights. He said the movie needs the night shoots as the whole story happens in 4 hours of one night. He also said the film doesn't have songs, romantic scenes owing to the script.

Karthi plays prisoner Dilli who has been prisoned for 10 years for no fault of him. He returns to find his 10-year-old daughter. Karthi avers that the film is a gripping narration with 2.20 hours. He says the suspense prevails whether Dilli meets his girl or not. The film relies on the father-daughter sentiment.

Talking about the father-daughter sentiment, Karthi is elated. He said the role is not challenging to him as he is more bonded with his daughter. Karthi is the father to 6-year-old girl Umayaal. He says they both share a greet bond at home. He said, "Only fathers who have daughters would know the feeling. How beautiful the bond is between father and daughter. Probably, even the bond between a father and son isn't as great as a bond between father and daughter." Karthi added that the father-daughter sentiment is more closer to his heart than a father-son sentiment.

Produced by KK Radha Mohan under Sri Sathya Sai Arts, Khaidi is all set for Oct 25 release. The film is clashing with Vijay's Whistle and naturally this draws a lot of curiosity on both these Diwali releases.

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