Mahesh! Try Those Roles, Rather Tweeting Them

Mahesh! Try Those Roles, Rather Tweeting Them

Superstar Mahesh does only three things whenever he finds the time. Either he will be shooting for a film, or he goes on a vacation with family, or simply he will watch other films being made in India. And other day he has watched this Tamil movie that fascinated him big time.

"Asuran" is the latest movie featuring Dhanush in the lead and directed by Vetrimaaran. The film showcases Dhanush in an aged man's role and the deadly twists laced with huge violence and other raw elements made it click with the audiences. After watching this movie, Mahesh tweeted, "Asuran...raw real and intense... Cinema at its best Congratulations".

Glad that Mahesh watches movies back to back and gives his single line reviews on Twitter giving a sort of excitement for big films and encouragement for small movies. However, one wonders when will Mahesh star in such films rather than just promoting and tweeting about them.

"It's good if Mahesh does a film like Sye Raa or a Goodachari or an Asuran. But he's picking only those social message scripts or entertaining movies. Hope a day comes where Mahesh stands a name for different-films" commented a fan on his post.

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