Saaho Re Rajamouli - What An Attire Sir

Saaho Re Rajamouli - What An Attire Sir

Remember the name SS Rajamouli, because you're not going to see any more pages of Telugu film history without his name printed on it. This is what many said after watching Baahubali and today when the film got screened at Royal Albert Hall, London, those words sounded true.

Guess what, more than the film or the live score performed by Philharmonic Orchestra, it is Rajamouli's attire that is talked about. Because the director got dressed in proper Telugu pancha, kurta and a side kanduva on his shoulder as well. His pure Telugu look has stunned the people of other countries and they started inquiring about him more, says an onlooker. One must say Saaho Re to him for the kind of promotion he's doing for Telugus everywhere, first in Bollywood and then in the world.

While Rana Daggubati also turned up in ethnic wear, Anushka is the one that grabbed eyeballs next, as she slipped into a black saree the proper 'desi' attire that the west loves to put on. Though Prabhas chose to turn up in western wear, we have to say that he looked dapper.

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