Prabhas' Cap Puts Fashion Lovers On A Search

Prabhas' Cap Puts Fashion Lovers On A Search

Sporting impressive headgear will be a rear thing for men because they have the option of wearing either a cap or a simple hat. But what makes some of those caps attractive are the designers behind them or the captions over the caps.

Recently Allu Arjun has stunned fashion lovers with the cap that read "ICON" on it. As the mega hero is doing a film that goes by the same title, many thought that he got it handmade through cap-embroidery companies. And other day when Prabhas posed for a selfie with Baahubali gang, his cap caught the eyeballs of many. In case if you are one of those who are searching for that cap online, here are the details.

The cap that has the text 'Dan Caten' is actually a baseball cap by the brand DSquared2, owned by two Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten. Costing nearly Rs 14,000 in India, the cap looks uber cool and Prabhas wore it with the right combination of clothes to elevate its presence.

Guess what, even Allu Arjun's ICON cap also belongs to the same brand and it costs somewhere around the same price as of above.

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