Krish Picks His Second Hero After Varun Tej

Krish Picks His Second Hero After Varun Tej

Director Krish is busy carving some interesting films on one side, but then, he wants to produce new content that debutante directors narrate him. As his first attempt, he produced 'Antariksham' movie with Varun Tej under Sankalp Reddy's direction.

Irrespective of Antariksham's commercial success, it looks like Krish wants to go ahead with producing films along with his friend Rajeev Reddy. In his second attempt, Krish also made Dil Raju a partner and their film will be featuring none other than Avasarala Srinivas as the leading man. Krish never really went after formulaic commercial films to direct and it not a surprise that he follows the same principle while producing films too. When a story needs a suitable hero, he goes for it and Avasarala Srinivas has been traveling with Krish from Kanche, Athariksham and he also appeared in a role for NTR Kathanayakudu.

To be directed by a debutante, this film is going to be launched today (Saturday) and we hear that the concept is a striking one with loads of satirical humour induced into it. At a time when many are waiting for Krish's next directorial announcement, this might give a bit of relief, but then, will he talk about his film with Pawan Kalyan at this launch?

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