Rajasekhar Struggling To Prove Heroism!

Rajasekhar Struggling To Prove Heroism!

Giving up a hero career is not easy and that is why many call Jagapathi Babu a legend. He has successfully given up being a hero and a star on the screen but became a star with his antagonist acts, thereby charging four times more than what he usually gets as a hero.

Another contemporary of Jagapathi is none other than Rajasekhar, whose films are have lost craze except for Garudavega that stunned the audiences. After that film, the hero shifted to heroism again and tasted flop through Kalki, directed by Prashant Varma of Awe fame. And now, he is struggling to get momentum.

Actually Rajasekhar signed a bilingual Telugu-Tamil film, which is actually a remake of Kannada movie, under the direction of Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. But that film is shelved as the director is rejecting to add heroic elements for hero's character in the script. And then, director Veerabhadram of Aha Na Pellanta fame is said to have impressed Rajasekhar with a script. Provided with the films this director made earlier, one wonders what step this hero is taking.

Hope the senior hero finds his groove soon, rather succumbing to some routine films.

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