Mathu Vadalara Pre Look: A New-age Film By Mythri

Mathu Vadalara Pre Look: A New-age Film By Mythri

After a series of underwhelming outings at the box office, Mythri Movie Makers has changed the track now. The top production house is soon going to come up with a new-age film 'Mathu Vadalara'.

This evening, Mythri Movie Makes' social media handles released a pre-look poster of Mathu Vadalara. The poster brought the look of a probably a bachelor room, with three guys living in it.. The three faces were shown on an android phone screen at the right bottom in the poster, where we can also observe a Polaroid cube on an old Rs 500 note.

With a courier delivery bag, packages and details written on them, we can assume that one of them works for a courier service. The quote on wall about 'customer' gives strength to it.

The switches on wall come all the way from 80s. The posters of Jhonny Gaddaar, an edge of the seat crime thriller, of-course NTR's Superman cutting and finally Chiru's Khaidi playing on the TV makes it more interesting.

The calendar seems disturbed and the date shown there is not the correct one and so must be the vintage alarm clock. The bloody-toothpick covering the name on an envelope addressed to some 'Teja..' of 503 of Mansion heights in Hyderabad will keep us curious until further details are revealed.

Mathu Vadalara is being directed by debutante Ritesh Rana and produced by Mythri Movie Makers' Cherry and Hemalatha of Clap Entertainment. The film has debutantes playing the lead roles.

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