Welcome to the next level of fan wars

Welcome to the next level of fan wars

Last year in December, we have Shahrukh Khan's "Zero" movie trailer released and liked by many. Later the film came and flopped at the box office, pushing the hero into a sort of disappointment and depression. But suddenly the 'likes' for this trailer on YouTube started building up and it touched 2 Million other day. You know why?

The increase in the likes of Shahrukh Khan's Zero trailer likes has nothing to do either with Bollywood or SRK's worldwide fans. Actually this is because of 'fan wars' in Kollywood, as the anti-fans of hero Vijay are said to have a hand in this. Apparently Vijay's "Bigil" trailer started getting huge 'likes' on YouTube and the trailer is en route touching 2 MIllion likes, to become the first Indian video that got 2 million likes. But then, anti-fans who have noticed this have decided to not let Bigil let that credit, say Kollywood folks.

With "Zero" trailer having 1.9 million likes already, the anti-fans are said to have worked day and night to make Zero the first Indian video on YouTube to get 2 Million likes. Welcome to Kollywood, where fan wars of next level that resemble nothing less than Hollywood revenge dramas.

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