Director Advised Heroine To Buy Flat, Heroine Buys Car

Director Advised Heroine To Buy Flat, Heroine Buys Car

She happens to be a couple of films old heroine in Tollywood who got popularity for her glamour treats. And then recently she gifted a luxury car to herself which is not an impossible task though. However, an interesting talk is being heard about her car-thing in Tollywood.

A director with whom she worked in the recent times is said to be advising her to buy a flat in Hyderabad with all the hard-earned money she stashed in a bank. He even suggested a couple of builders, vaastu experts and sent a team to scout perfect location-centric flats for her. After all this is done, the heroine has taken the decision of buying a luxury car without paying heed to the director's advises.

Some say that the heroine has felt that buying home will not make any news, but buying a car of 1 crore range will make her a news item. But then, the director has insisted her to buy a flat because the rates of real-estate in Hyderabad are something that goes upwards, while this luxury car's price will be diminishing.

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