After Some Hiccups, 'Gang Leader' Is Back On Prime

After Some Hiccups, 'Gang Leader' Is Back On Prime

Despite the fact that some films have signed the 50-day agreement with Amazon Prime Video, it looks like the digital streaming platform is taking a call if the film meets poor result at the box office. Though Producers Council has earlier given feelers that they have made a decision to not allow Prime to screen any film until 50 days after the release, it looks like that is not being followed.

While big films like Saaho are yet to come out on Amazon Prime (Saaho released 47 days ago), the film Nani's Gang Leader is out already on the OTT platform. The major hiccup is that Gang Leader came out almost a week ago (27 days after release) and many started watching too. But couple of hours after the public upload, Prime Video has blocked the movie for reasons unknown.

And then, the film is available in all regions from Yesterday, thus giving respite to those who are waiting for the film to come up on Prime Video. Is this a good phenomenon or bad phenomenon anyway? Of course, producers are making huge by selling their films to Amazon Prime, so they see only the beneficial side.

But in the long term, audiences may stop coming to theatres after reading reviews of a film, as they know that the movie will come up on Prime in three weeks time.

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