If Not Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas Will Do It?

If Not Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas Will Do It?

Though Janasena president Pawan Kalyan is willing to make a comeback to the silver screen with a condition that he will star only in message-oriented movies, the actor is yet to make a decision, as he always maintained that films are out of his mind as he entered the political arena.

Director Krish has recently met Pawan Kalyan and impressed him with a storyline. However, the actor hasn't given clarity if he will be doing this film or not. Reports are coming that already Krish is getting ready with a backup such that his film will take off very soon, even if Pawan declines to star in it.

Reports are coming that Krish has Prabhas and the two discussed the possibility of collaborating on a film that will have pan-India appeal, keeping in view of the hunk hero's craze across the nation. They say that Krish has tweaked the story he narrated to Pawan a bit and narrated another version of the same to Prabhas. If Pawan rejects it, then he will go ahead with Prabhas for the same story, and he is said to have conveyed the same to Baahubali star.

Keeping in view of Krish's abilities to shine through sensible scripts that impress audiences big time, even Prabhas is waiting for him now while looking forward to join the shoot of his upcoming film directed by Jil movie fame Radha Krishna.

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