Nani keeps everyone in waiting mode

Nani keeps everyone in waiting mode

Natural star Nani is someone who could get critical applause and rave reviews at any given time for his films. But the fact is, only commercial success at the box office speaks for a movie and that is what upsets this talented actor now.

With his last couple of movies including Gang Leader and Jersey not doing enough at the box office for the producers, Nani is said to be rechecking strategies. For that to happen, he has kept okaying films on the hold. Other than the current film 'V', which happens to be his 25th movie, Nani has no new film signed.

While Nani was supposed to work with Siva Nirvana after wrapping Indraganti Mohan Krishna's V, he is yet to give a green signal for the same. Similarly, a love story in the direction of a newcomer is also kept on the backburner. Right now Nani, who has returned from South Korea trip, is listening to a story from Nandini Reddy, who gave him a big break with Ala Modalaindi earlier.

We have to see which film the talented actor will take up as this is the first time he has no films in hand other than the current one under production. Meanwhile, Nani will join V's next schedule very soon.

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