That's The Final result Of Gaddalakonda Ganesh

That's The Final result Of Gaddalakonda Ganesh

Even though the talk around Gaddalakonda Ganesh aka Valmiki is quite strong in mass circuits as director Harish Shankar and hero Varun Tej weaved magic on the silver screen, somehow the collections are not as expected after the first week. This is due to only one factor and that is none other than Sye Raa.

After the release of Sye Raa, many expected that any film that is in the arena already might bite the dust. At that time, the likes of Gang Leader and Valmiki are in theatres, and Gang Leader ruled out much in advance, Valmiki had a bit of advantage. But still, after Sye Raa got blockbuster talk in Telugu states, many thought that Gaddalkonda Ganesh won't survive the tsunami.

Being sold for 25 crores, the film Valmiki has to collect the same amount of 'share' in order to become a safe project. Guess what, after completing its run almost everywhere in Telugu states, the Varun Tej starrer has collected 25.5 crores 'share', leaving the distributors happy. Though there are no heavy profits, it's best these days when there is no loss at all.

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