#SyeRaa Collections: Working In Telugu, Flop Everywhere

#SyeRaa Collections: Working In Telugu, Flop Everywhere

Megastar Chiranjeevi's magnum opus is running in theatres now and is making good collections, but will they be enough to make the film a super hit? While the movie is a blockbuster in terms of reception, collections-wise it might not work in all other regions than Telugu states. Here comes the breakup.

So far, Sye Raa managed to collect 100+ crores share from Telugu states, while it made another 40+ crores share from other regions including Overseas, Tamil, Kannada and up north. With the film sold for 115 crores in Telugu, and Ram Charan releasing it in most places, surely the film will leave only slight losses if any, but not a big hole in the pockets of distributors.

But in Tamilnadu, where the film got sold for 7.6 crores, it made only 1.8+ crores share till date, leaving the distributor in huge loss. Same is the case in Karnataka where the film got sold for 27 crores, both Telugu and Kannada versions, and made only 50% of it so far. While in Overseas Sye Raa incur few losses. Same is the case in Kerala, where the sales figure is 2.5 crores but recovery is just above 75 lakhs.

With Diwali arriving, all the films in Tamilnadu will be washed out to pave way for Vijay's Bigil and Karthi's Khaidi, so there is no chance of recovering. And in Karnataka already other releases are engulfing it while Kerala scene is already ended if trade sources are to be believed. Only in Telugu, Sye Raa has time till other big releases come up and there are no such big movies in the near sight till December, we have to say.

Simply put, the film will work out in Telugu for distributors and exhibitors but will be earning flop status in all other regions.

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