'Tiktok Villain': Sandeep On Arjun Reddy's Influence

'Tiktok Villain': Sandeep On Arjun Reddy's Influence

Kabir Singh, the blockbuster remake of Arjun Reddy, has not just made huge moolah at the box-office. But, it also had become a subject of discussion on social media for projecting the lead actor in violent behaviour against women. But, a recent news from Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor is that a tiktok user Ashwani Kashyap has killed a flight attendant Nikitha Sharma, who denied his love proposal and is getting married to other guy in December. Ashwani is notorious as 'TikTok Villain' for his angry videos and his killings including the flight attendant.

According to police officials, Ashwani is believed to have influenced by Kabir Singh and he even posted several dialogues from the film in recent past. Besides this murder, the popular tik tok user is reportedly involved in 3 other murders.

Reacting to the tragic incident on Tuesday, the director of most-debated film Sandeep Reddy Vanga said: "I feel immensely sad for Nikitha and her family. My deepest condolences to her family. As a director, I take the responsibility for the work I do and consequences for it. But, my films never gave a message to kill someone and neither Arjun Reddy nor Kabir Singh never supported murder."

Sandeep, who recently announced a crime drama as his next project, has further said: 'The killer might have some psychological problem and people like that usually draw inspiration from B-town actors, Cricketers and politicians. But, Shahid's character in Kabir Singh damages himself but doesn't harm others.'

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