Finally, This Heroine Grabs A Telugu Movie

Some films bring huge names to heroines, but surprisingly those heroines fail to cash on that as they wait for 'great' scripts and end up losing all the offers in hand. The likes of Priyanka Jawalkar, Payal Rajput and Ruhani Sharma are someone who has waited for almost a year to get their second film post debut.

Recently 'Chi La Sow' fame Ruhani is seen sending feelers to the tinsel town by posting her hottest pictures on the internet as she gives a signal that she can even go glamorous if needed for the silver screen. Though she waited for offers from big production houses and heroes to come along, nothing such happened to post the spicy treats too.

Finally, we hear that Ruhani signed her next Telugu film, which will be a thriller helmed by a debutant. This is almost a year after her debut film has hit cinemas. Other than her, this new film might not have any prominent star cast while there will be these popular set of comedians to entertain the audiences.

At the same time, Ruhani is also waiting for her Malayalam debut film Kamala to hit cinemas which happens to be another interesting film for her.

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