Digital Teams Of Two Big Telugu Stars In Discussion

Digital Teams Of Two Big Telugu Stars In Discussion

Bollywood way of promoting a film and film celebrity are usually different because each hero and heroine will have their own diversified team there. But here in the Telugu industry, every hero and his films depend only on a few people to do that. With emerging trends, even Telugu heroes are going Bollywood way now.

First to rope in a big team to help him in creating a staggering digital presence is none other Mahesh Babu. From advising him to put tweets, respond on various things and design plans to promote the arrival of his films to managing the social media accounts as per the trends, this team is helping the Superstar big time. Despite busy shootings, Mahesh is able to respond to other film teasers, various national issues, only because of this able team.

And now, even Allu Arjun has employed a similar team to make sure that his digital presence gets stronger. Though he is slow for the now on Twitter and Insta where he shares only personal pictures of his children and cars, this new team will be making sure that he will respond on many things from now.

With Mahesh and Allu Arjun racing ahead with their respective teams, we hear that the likes of Ram Charan and Vijay Devarakonda have also employed some teams to manage this digital presence aspect.

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