Facts Behind Balayya's 'Thigh Slapping & Train Reverse'

Facts Behind Balayya's 'Thigh Slapping & Train Reverse'

Even today, trollers have a feast whenever they share the scene from Nandamuri Balakrishna's film "Palnati Brahmanaidu" where he slaps thigh and the train that is coming against another ongoing train on same track will go in reverse. Lots of Balayya fans, however, blast director B Gopal for this one, as it led to making a mockery of the Nandamuri star for a long time.

Writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, who gave dialogues to the film along with his brother, has revealed that B Gopal never wanted to keep this scene in the movie. While the film is based on a Kannada movie that has Vishnuvardhan in the lead, scenes like a Jayaprakash Reddy's chair coming up after a thigh slap and this train reverse scene are own additions.

"Actually we all laughed at Jayaprakash Reddy's chair grabbing scene and B Gopal suggested to remove that scene as well as this thigh-slapping train-reverse scene. I've given an alternative for that, saying, when Balayya slaps thigh, NTR will appear in the sky as Brahmanaidu and train driver applies reverse gear seeing at him. But in the last minute, the total team felt these two scenes will be passed, and we never expected that audiences will hate it this way" said Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, in a recent revelation.

Maybe, avoiding those two scenes would have saved Balayya's pride, nevertheless, those two scenes are not something that tells the actor's greatness in any way.

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