Star Hero Settles Issue With Heroine For 15 Crores!

Star Hero Settles Issue With Heroine For 15 Crores!

Apparently, this star hero always thinks bigger than others, but he has fallen into unwanted controversies after some people from film fraternity started to defame him. They say that his unwanted closeness with them resulted in these consequences and today he has to pay them to mute them forever.

This not so popular heroine has targeted this star hero on numerous occasions and she made sure that he faces all the criticism with her acts. She's partly succeeded but then the intervention of some biggies has stopped her from pursuing her revenge-drama further. The actress added indirectly that her love is endless for him, and she will reveal the truth to all.

But she's silenced now, as her love is bought out for a price that she will not sell the truth to media houses. Rumours are rife that she has received a payment of close to 15 crores to keep her mouth shut about the various allegations she makes.

Insiders are however wondering if these 15 crores could silent her forever.

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