Chiru's Lucifer: All Big Stars Shocked

Chiru's Lucifer: All Big Stars Shocked

Sometimes, identifying the right film at the right time is the need of the hour and Megastar Chiranjeevi is very good at doing that. That's the reason most of his remake movies are a superhit and he has Malayalam film "Lucifer" in hand right now as rumours emerged that Sukumar might direct it.

Though the film "Lucifer" didn't run at Telugu and Tamil box office in the dubbed version, somehow audiences liked it huge when they watched the dubbed versions on Amazon Prime Video. That will concretely strengthen the belief of Chiranjeevi that the movie will work in Telugu if it is made with local casting and nativity factor. But then, how come Chiru grabbed the rights when many other stars wanted the same?

We hear that the likes of Rajnikanth, Ajith and couple of big stars in Telugu have all tried to grab the rights of Lucifer movie. But the original producers always wanted to produce the film themselves and hence the rights are never sold, says a source. But with Mohan Lal himself asking them to give the rights to Chiranjeevi, the makers have obliged, a source said.

Some stars are said to have got upset after Chiru grabbed the rights and we have to see if the Megastar will remake this film as a bilingual or just in Telugu only.

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