All Offers Disappeared For 'Gang Leader' Girl!

All Offers Disappeared For 'Gang Leader' Girl!

One name that is ringing everywhere before the release of 'Gang Leader' movie is none other than Priyanka Arul Mohan, the young Kannada-Tamil beauty from Bangalore who made her debut as the leading lady opposite Nani in the film.

Before the release of the film, Priyanka's name got associated with various films and many producers-directors are said to be thinking about casting her. But here in Tollywood, not until the heroine shows her mark in the film, an actor's future gets decided only with the box office result of their movie. As Gang Leader went for a toss, the actress is not in discussions any more.

Though we can't rule the actress getting further chances in Tollywood, currently no big production house or any other filmmaker is taking her name during discussions. It looks like all the offers disappeared post the release of Gang Leader, so is the actress how is not even active on her social media pages after the film's release.

Well, sometimes it takes a couple of more films to get set as a leading lady, take a leaf from Kajal Agarwal who started on flop notes example!

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